How it started

Like all great stories Sebastian Kunz and Serhat Kaya were sitting in a bar and talked about different stuff. Until they realized, that they both are interested in hosting a podcast. So they teamed up and tried to figure out what topic would be interesting. Somehow it ended up in the topic growth. All in all the idea of this podcast is to figure out how a podcast works and how podcasts can be grown.


Serhat Kaya

Serhat Kaya is a German Entrepreneur and Founder of the digital agency XPERIENTS. Serhat's passion is supporting entrepreneurs in changing the world. The digital agency XPERIENTS supports entrepreneurs in designing great products with an amazing UX as well as with conversion optmization. With his Co-Host Sebastian he explores growth topics in his podcast with practical insights for innovators.

Sebastian Kunz

Sebastian Kunz finished his studies in economics, media- and online management before he started his career in technology sales in Hamburg. Throughout the years he developed into a strong consultant and industry expert, especially in the mobile advertising industry. Sebastian is driven by innovation, technology and growth.
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